OK. Well, yesterday I did get a rush for a while when I met George Clooney, but the day also had a big downside.

Dow Jones at closing 3/2/09

Dow Jones at closing 3/2/09

The deep recession continues and Lawrence Group had another serious layoff (18 people) and most of the rest of the staff had their work week cut. I’m now three days per week, indefinitely.

There are a lot of people wandering around in shock today from their changes of circumstance yesterday, and as I received farewell e-mails throughout the morning with personal e-mail addresses in them, I forward info about this site. Please also share the info with people as you hear about job losses and cut backs, yourself, and offer any advice or support that you can. As one co-worker said, “Thanks for the info, Donna. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve never been laid off before … .”

I have to say it was hard on the principals and department heads who were delivering the news, as well. I saw people coming out of closed-door meetings with them, after getting the news, and if there was anything else they could have done besides let people go, they would have. I’ve worked with the principals for nearly a decade, and I can tell you they were hurting as human beings.

It was a very difficult morning around the Security Building yesterday. Everyone had been informed by noon.

I’m taking my own good advice and going to the Creative Group on Thursday morning to sign up. I may get some work two days a week, and if not, I will have my file set up and ready to go full time with them, if the economy continues to plummet, and I get the bad news next.

Dow Jones under 7,000?  Just incredible.