My New Best Friend

My New Best Friend

I heard some scenes would be shot at Mansion House. It’s right across from our office, and I park in the Mansion House Garage. I started two weeks ago, talking to all the merchants in the Mansion House “strip” along Fourth street there, leaving my business card, promising all kinds of things (mostly a six month FREE publicity plan for their business), and asked them to call me if they hear ANYTHING.

So, someone e-mailed me Saturday night telling me the crew had the whole 11th floor at Mansion House and they were filming in there.

Someone else called and told me they saw him getting out of an SUV at Mansion House this morning, about 8:20, so I knew he was in the immediate area.

Then, about 4:00 pm, someone called to tell me the semi-circle driveway was blocked off, signs posted about filming, liability, etc., people in costumes walking around like they were waiting, someone changing Mo. license plates to Nebraska plates on several cars, getting them in position, and a huge camera crew assembling around the Panaflex camera at one end of the drive.

So, I grabbed my purse (and cell phone/camera) and ran out without even a coat (it was about 20 degrees F) and waited in front of our building to assess the situation. I walked across the street and asked a camera man “how close can I stand without getting in the way?” and he said, “you can stand right here by me.”  NOBODY ELSE WAS OUT THERE RUBBERNECKING!!!  There were people in the donut shop, where it was warm, looking out the window, but I was the ONLY PERSON OUTSIDE NEAR THE CREW. The director was talking into a wireless mic and said, “I think we’re ready … .” They checked a monitor, and did an adjustment, somebody was in the shot who wasn’t supposed to be, and I suddenly see GEORGE CLOONEY in the glass-walled lobby of Mansion House. The director, standing right by me, says, “Okay, walk on out and we’ll get this shot.”

Dapper Dan Pomade

Dapper Dan Pomade

George, in a charcoal gray overcoat and looking lost in thought, walks out the front doors and around the half-circle towards the camera crew and and then continues walking out of the shot. Well, who is standing there? ME!!!!!  By then, a co-worker, Matt saw me when he came out to grab a smoke, and he walked over, just as George was coming out the door, and he starts snapping photos. George is standing right in front of us and says quietly, “Hi, guys!” Big smile. Suddenly it’s warm as July. I said, “I’m a Dapper Dan woman!” He almost snorted, but he held it in, Matt elbowed me and said, “Shhhh!!!! They’re still rolling.” and the director says, “Okay, it’s cold out here; let’s get a shot of you walking back the same way, and we’ll wrap.” So he turns and walks back around the driveway and into the building.

GC, in Oh, Brother ... .

GC, in Oh, Brother ... .

I met the 2X sexiest man in the world, AND he knows I’m a Dapper Dan woman!!!!

How’s that for a great day?

The photo of him at top is of the shot that was being filmed, and it’s the best of the pictures from Matt. Caption for it would read, George walks directly towards camera crew, then out of the shot to his right. I’m standing right there, and by then Matt’s standing next to me. George smiles and says, “Hi, guys … .”

Matt said, “That was RIGHTEOUS, man!”

PS — I told everybody I know, for two months, that I was going to meet him. I always get my story!!!!  Just insinuate yourself into the camera crew and look like you belong (I was wearing my retractable lanyard with two pass cards and a key on it, which made me look VERY official.)

My sister says the moral of the story is, “No guts, no glory.”

I say, “True dat.”