PrintI found this bonafide lead on LinkedIn, so you may need to be signed in to LinkedIn to get to it (and by now, if you’re taking my sage advice, you do have your free LinkedIn account set up!)

Either way, if you are working in public relations, advertising, or any media and expect to continue to do so, you should read the description linked below relative to this job opportunity.

Social Media Cycle

Social Media Cycle

The graphic (by Paramedia Group) that I have included here appears in the linked job ad, and it really illustrates quite well how social media fits into the overall scheme.

It also surely shows many where skills need to be improved. Love it, or hate it, this stuff isn’t going to go away.

I remember when the first memory typewriters started showing up on people’s (i.e., women’s) desks, and many avoided the training that was offered, assuming they would stay employable without it. Then dedicated word-processing equipment showed up, and the typewriters started disappearing all together. In a few years, those were replaced by PCs.

People who tried to ignore the advancements were soon out of work and hopelessly behind the curve. Lessons to be learned in that.

So, let’s stay competitive and keep our skills ever evolving!

The good news is this opportunity is in Maryland Heights, Missouri. Right in our own backyard.