secret_leaves_paperworks_logo2-188x1461I added St. Louis paper artist Sharon Derry’s blog this evening to the blog roll, and I want to be sure you show your love and check it out. It’s called Secret Leaves.

The blogs linked to this site are at the bottom of the side bar. Something has to be at the bottom of the side bar. It’s not a commentary on the importance or interest value of anyone’s blog.

Sharon’s work is beautiful and sustainable; she also takes special, custom orders.

I met Sharon when she was a staffer at the St. Louis Design Center (yes, there was one) on Locust in the mid- 80s. Sharon had cherry red hair then. I was pretty fascinated. Over the years our paths have crossed again and again. I’m so glad to be able to add her blog to the site.

I hope she will post here when she is gearing up for local, small art shows in the area.

Support your local paper artist.

Secret Leaves Recycled Paper Journal

Secret Leaves Recycled Paper Journal