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wf_logoI signed up for a couple of e-newsletters on the Workforce.com site several years ago, and although I’m not in human resources, I find the content very valuable.

Think of it this way: If you’re looking for work, you have a better chance of impressing the HR department more than the other people if you know how the HR people are thinking. This publication helps you do that.

Human resources goes through strategy changes and has its own buzz words and heroes and best-selling books list. If you want to impress the person who is often the gatekeeper and resume screener, learn what is important to that person.

Learn how they are being measured in terms of who they hire, how they measure success in that area and how they are measured. If you can glean some insight from Workforce Management on how to do that, you’re ahead of the pack.

Here’s a > link < to the an article with some great content in it that is very generalizable; perhaps some of the ideas can be used to strengthen your resume, your interviews and the way you set up your ultimate success in a new job in those first critical 90 days.

Hope it’s helpful. As always, your comments are encouraged, your questions and colleagial answers welcomed, and ideas hoped for.

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