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Here is a > link < to the Meetup St. Louis site.

You can sign up and see what groups are already established in St. Louis. If you join any design-related groups, please let us all know how it goes.

If you don’t see a group that fits your needs, you can start your own. Let us all know here if you do that, too! 

I signed up a few weeks ago and got an e-mail today with this week’s schedule, which I’ve pased here for your info. This is one of the communications you can get once you are registered at the site.

This is an unedited list; amazing amount of stuff here.

This Week’s Saint Louis Calendar: 108 Meetups Nearby

The Newest Saint Louis Meetup Groups:

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The Saint Charles 9/11 Questions Meetup Group

The Problem of Leisure

The Eclectic

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North/Northwest 30-somethings Meetup Group

Coffee Shop Cards Companions

Living GREEN St. Louis

WE Surround Them

St. Louis Solo and Small Firm Attorneys

The Greater St Louis Attention Deficit Disorder Meetup Group

The Saint Louis Ayn Rand/Freedom Meetup

Make Up, Skincare, and MaryKay

St. Charles Team Love –Love in 90 Days Womens Support Group

Becky David Kindergarteners-to-be July 2009 for play dates

20 & 30 something singles substance free Meetup Group

The Saint Louis Urban Farm & Sustainable Development Group

Grace Bible studies

Strong Sistas Book Club Meetup Group

This Week’s Meetups

Monday, March 2, 2009
6:00 PM
Bicycling: Monday Money Meltdown Hike
Boardgames: St Charles Gaming (Mon wk 1)
6:15 PM
Salsa: Dips and Spins w/ Roxanne – 1 time drop in class
6:30 PM
Fitness: Fit and F(AB!)ulous Women’s Workout Group Meetup
7:00 PM
Ghost Tracking: Review of Killion’s Pub
MySQL: The Saint Louis MySQL March Meetup
Poker: The Saint Louis Poker Meetup
Ron Paul Campaigns: 3/2 Learn C4L Website – Lake St. Louis
8:00 PM
Moms: Mondays with Mothers for Liberty National Online…
9:00 PM
New Career: Online Meeting
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
7:30 AM
9:00 AM
Singles: Hike Hilda Young Conservation Area 3 miles
6:00 PM
Bicycling: Indoor Rock Climbing
New! Social Networking: Let’s meet each other!
Walking: Mar 3 – Tuesday Evening Walk in Kirkwood
6:15 PM
Bible Study: ALPHA: How Can I Make the Most of My Life?

6:30 PM
Christian Ministry: Sisters of Faith Coffee Club

7:00 PM
Friends: El Tasty Dinner-o at El Scorcho!
German Language: The Saint Louis German Language Meetup
Graphic Design: The St. Louis Graphic Design March Meetup
Mike Huckabee for President 2012: Washington, MO Mike …
Townhall: Townhall Meetup
7:30 PM
Poker: St. Louis Texas Holdem’ Poker Tournament.
9:30 PM
Poker: The Saint Louis Poker Meetup
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
2:00 PM
Self-Improvement: Florissant Self-Improvement March Meetup
Work at Home Moms: West St Louis County Wahms March Meetup
6:00 PM
Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Delve at Game Nite
6:30 PM
Christian Ministry: Community Groups
Friends: Spades Card Night
7:00 PM
Abraham Hicks: The Abraham Hicks St Louis Meetup
Poetry: Poery Meetup Open Mic – Every Wednesday
Poker: St. Louis Texas Holdem’ Poker Tournament.
Ron Paul Campaigns: 3/4 Learn C4L Website – Ferguson
8:00 PM
Ghost Tracking: Final Training / Meeting
Thursday, March 5, 2009
4:00 PM
Rock Climbing: Climbing at Upper Limits
5:30 PM
Boardgames: St Peters weekly thursday night meetup
6:00 PM
Museum: Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai
6:30 PM
Magic: The Gathering: The Saint Louis Magic: The Gathe…
7:00 PM
Atheists: Coffee Talk–no big whup
Dads: The Saint Peters Dads March Meetup
Dining Out: Sameem Afghan Restaurant-Mar. 5

Italian Language: St. Louis Italian Meetup
Low Carb Lifestyle: St. Louis Low-Carb Monthly Meeting
Ron Paul Campaigns: Constitution Party hosting Janet R…
7:15 PM
Network Marketing: Connections for Success Workshop
8:00 PM
Karaoke: KARAOKE
Salsa: Salsa at Viva’s!
Sufism: Recitation of the Wird al-Sharif
Friday, March 6, 2009
5:30 AM
Triathlon: The Missouri Triathlon Meetup
11:00 AM
Women’s Social: eWomenNetwork Accelerated Networking L…
12:00 PM
 Business Strategy and Networking: Lunch & Learn Golf N…
5:00 PM
 Anime: St. Louis Anime Meetup (Collateral Damage Night)
6:00 PM
Atheists: Shoot ‘Em Up Again
Boardgames: South City Gaming – Mokabe’s (Fri Wk 1)
Women’s Social: Happy Hour! Part 1 of Eats, Giggles, a…
7:00 PM
Christian Ministry: Mercy Road Youth Group
Poker: St. Louis Texas Holdem’ Poker Tournament.
7:30 PM
Childfree: The Book Vs. The Movie – Round 8
Women’s Social: The Funny Bone! Part 2 of Eats, Giggle…
9:45 PM
Women’s Social: Gettin’ down! Part 3 of Eats, Giggles,…
Saturday, March 7, 2009
8:00 AM Marathon: Master the Met Stair Climb
8:45 AM
Bicycling: Matson Hill Trailbuilding & Mountain Biking
9:00 AM
New! 9/11 Questions: The Saint Charles 9/11 Questions March…
Walking: Mar 7 – A Walk Down Washington Ave
10:00 AM
German Language: St Louis German Meetup Western Division!
Singles: Combo Event- service project, lunch, biking o…
11:00 AM
Active Dogs: Meetup at Fort Bellefontaine County Park.
Pug: Dog Training with Sully March Meetup
12:00 PM
Friends: Neale’s Birthday Luncheon — Thai Style!
Volunteer: St. Louis Area Food Bank
1:00 PM
Atheists: First Saturday meeting – TBA
Boardgames: South County Military gaming (Sat Wk1)
Friends: Let’s Play Canasta
New! Playgroup: Becky David Kindergarteners -to- be July 20…
2:30 PM
Massage Therapy: NW Coast Native American Energy Heali…
Shamanism: The Red Cedar Circle:SiSi’Wiss Medicine of …
4:00 PM
Figure Drawing: The Saint Louis Drawing & Painting Mar…
5:00 PM
Bahá ‘ í: The Saint Louis Bahá’í March Meetup
New! Book Club: Strong Sistas Let’s Meet & Greet!
7:00 PM
Poker: St. Louis Texas Holdem’ Poker Tournament.
Salsa: Salsa Meet and Greet
7:30 PM
Singles: Grace Church Volleyball all levels
8:00 PM
New In Town: Washington Avenue Pub Crawl
10:00 PM
Karaoke: Gashouse Bar and Grill
Sunday, March 8, 2009
9:00 AM
Christian Ministry: Searching For God Knows What- Book…
9:45 AM
Skeptics: Anti-Science and the Anti-Vaccination Moveme…
11:00 AM
Bicycling: Searching for Sasquatch
Islam: O’Fallon Muslimahs Halaqa March Meetup
Weight Loss: Sunday 75 Minute Workout
11:30 AM
Dining Out: New Creation Pot-Luck Sunday
12:00 PM
Boardgames: South County Gaming (Sun week 2)
Rock Climbing: Rockin Sunday
12:15 PM
Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of the Shining Jewel (LSJ)…
1:00 PM
Sufism: Zikr with the Nur Ashki Jerrahis
Triathlon: Resistance Stretch Workshop
1:30 PM
Active Dogs: SMALL: dog romp
Friends: Five Women Wearing the Same Dress – Girls Onl…
2:00 PM
Japanese Language and Culture: The St. Louis Japanese …
Singles: Sunday Hike- Laumeier Park
Social Networking: The Missouri Illinois Bi-State Soci…
3:00 PM
Movie Fans: Chesterfield Galexy 14 / Annie Gunn’s
New! New Urbanism & Sustainable Development: First Sustaina…
3:30 PM
Fitness: N.E.W. (‘No Excuses Workout’) CO-ED BOOT(Y)CA…
4:00 PM
Christian Ministry: Worship at Mercy Road
Poker: St. Louis Texas Holdem’ Poker Tournament.
5:00 PM
Singles: Dinner with the Fun Peeps at The Corner Pub …
6:30 PM
Salsa: Smoke Free Salsa Sunday at Atomic


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