Portrait of the Artist (c. Larry Torno)

Portrait of the Artist (c. Larry Torno)

St. Louis photographer Larry Torno posted that he has been a client of the fabulous Noreen Murphy’s hair salon for many years, and I wanted to give him props for his own work, as well.

Don’t miss his photos of vintage Barbie dolls at the Bruno David Gallery. It runs till April 4, so get your behinder in gear, if you haven’t been by yet to see his work.

If you think you know Barbie, think again. Larry has found some nuances to the “50 years young” woman that the rest of us may have missed. His photos are not an ordinary trip down memory lane for those of us who had/have Barbies. These photos are luminous, beautiful, artful and witty.

The 24 close-up photos of Barbie from the vintage doll collection of Frank Chross are part of a project they began in 2007, described this way on Bruno David Gallery’s Web site (and here is a > LINK < to the Web page): “The new series began during the summer of 2007 when Larry Torno was offered the opportunity to photograph an extensive collection of a vintage American toy: the renowned Barbie Doll. …”

Here is a > LINK < to his Web site and blog (and I’m gonna have to blogroll him, so keep an eye on side bar for updates from him.)