Hi! I'm Bridie!

Hi! I'm Bridie!

Bridie is an Irish name, which means “strong.” She was so named by my friend, the fabulous Noreen Murphy, owner of Noreen’s Hair, Body & Soul in Dogtown.

The good news about Bridie is part of the circle of life that has a down side, as well. Noreen had to have her older rescued Pit, Ruby, put down a few weeks ago.

Ruby had a terrible-hard life prior to Noreen’s daring rescue of her. Ruby had been abused in the ways that Pits are abused by owners who own them for the wrong reasons. It’s amazing how Ruby didn’t hold her prior treatment at the hands of other humans against anyone else she met.

I’ve never owned a dog, myself, and I’m not always sure what their body language is telling me, so I’m not always 100% comfortable around them. Ruby let me know that she was friendly, as she did many other humans, and she was an ambassador, in her own way, for her breed.

So sorry about Ruby; so happy for Bridie.

PS — Don’t forget: If you need a trim of your locks, color on your tresses, or any other hair services, call Noreen for an appointment. She’s an awesome hair stylist (an artist whose medium is hair), and she has a good heart.

(314) 647-0077
1218 Tamm
, at Victoria (next to Seamus McDaniels)
St. Louis, MO 63139