sleepyhead, c. PamDoro

sleepyhead, c. PamDora

Did you?

Writing isn’t easy for a lot of people, and there’s just no way around it: Sometimes we have to write. Pitching our skills for a new job, or pitching our freelance work for a new client, both require good communication skills, including resumes, CVs, cover letters, creative briefs, letters of agreement, and all kinds of things. In a tough economy, a well written resume or creative brief could be the critical difference in getting your foot in the door someplace.

I found a resource you might enjoy that is a free newsletter on business writing tips.

ew_logoThe Web site where I found it is called The Executive Writer, the CEO seems quite credible and you can download a free sample of the newsletter right away! You could be improving your writing and getting that competitive edge as soon as, well, as soon as TODAY!

Doncha love free stuff?!?  I’ve already signed up for my freebie.

The content is described as,

Writing Tips Newsletter, a monthly eNewsletter dedicated to helping businesspeople write smarter and faster. Writing Tips includes:

  • Advice, tips and strategies on how to write clearly and concisely.
  • Instructive trivia about word origins and other writing topics.
  • Fun quizzes and brain teasers.
  • A business vocabulary builder.

Here’s the > LINK <.

I’m always interested in whether or not the resources I post are interesting, helpful, etc. Let me hear from you: Post a comment!

Editor’s note: I have to give props to the artist from whom I copied the sleepyhead graphic. Please visit her Web site, > Pamdora’s Box<. It’s a HOOT, and there are lots of fun drawings on there. She describes it as, “The adventure blog of an artist who is currently making a series of humorous quilts and shares a studio in an old peanut factory with her husband, an artist who makes kinetic and interactive sculpture environments.”



She not only can write, but she can also draw. <sigh>
I’m so envious.