Someone blew a head gasket over my MoveOn post and took their precious time to rip me a new one for it. Could be someone totally outside our region, since this is being read internationally, to my amazement. The e-mailer took exception to my posting the MoveOn event, assuming I was endorsing it. I guess it doesn’t matter that I also get e-mails from the Liberty Restoration Project, and other third-party oganizations, to keep tabs on everything & everybody. Now I’m branded by a non-liberal as a liberal! Dear God, no!

I think my post is pretty clear that I was neither endorsing nor denying the organization but just posting for anyone who might be interested. The point of the post was that the event was addressing the issue of jobs, and work, which is something I think we’re all interested in right now.

I assume the design community is represented by a wide variety of well-thought-out positions on important issues. I never bash someone for their positions on issues in life, rarely argue with people about their ideas (too energy intensive, and I’ve got way more important and productive things to do), and I think “ignorance of what you oppose” is a much bigger problem than most political stands, along with the attendant knee-jerk-over-reactions and anonymous hate e-mails often sent by the “ignorant ofs” to anyone who may (or actually may not) think differently from them.


solutionSo, if you see something posted here that I don’t specifically say I endorse, and related to something you don’t specifically support, assume it’s being posted for anyone/everyone’s knowledge, and to do with what they will, not necessarily a call to action for any particular political affilition. I’m more into solutions than ideology.

Just to clarify.

Best regards.

"Release the hounds!"

"Release the hounds!"

PS  I am not taking this opportunity to publicly post the e-mail address of the person who e-mailed me (anonymously) and set the Design Community Dogs on him/her in my defense. I’m such a good person.

If I hear from the anonymous harrasser again, though, I am gonna have to report the sender’s address to Yahoo, or Google, or the appropriate service provider. I’m a good person, but I ain’t too good … .



“rage” Illustration: Wes Bausmith / Los Angeles Times
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Thanks to the ’60s & Eldridge Cleaver for the button + slogan
Angel-Devil tattoo art from Photobucket, Janine09, dcretch57