A couple of weeks ago, I posted on the “temp agency for marketing and public relations” types, i.e., the Creative Group. Late last week I spoke with Elizabeth Pfitzinger, a staffer there, and she gave me some info on what she sees happening at her end with the job market.

now-hiringShe said they are busy and right now instead of seeing contracts for longer term work, they are seeing a lot of requests for project work. She also said that some companies are hiring permanent staff, and they are doing it strategically by using the Creative Group’s “contract worker to permanent hire” route. It’s kind of a “try before you buy,” to avoid adding head-counts with a bad hire.

Boss from Hell

Boss from Hell

Now, we all know that sometimes a “bad hire” is a great person who is just in the wrong job or at the wrong company or the boss from hell. Still, bad hires and the dreaded turnover are expensive propositions for the employer and the employee, and hiring managers are surely being scrutinized for turnover (plus none of us want to end up looking for work for weeks and then end up working for the worst boss imaginable!) So this idea of contract worker to permanent hire makes sense to them especially right now, when their own jobs are probably no more secure than anyone else’s.

So, keep Creative Group in mind, if you’re looking right now for opportunities. Elizabeth is now a subscriber, and I will check in with her on a sporatic, but fairly regular basis to see what the job market looks like from her end.

Elizabeth and another staffer, Greg, work in tandom on filling positions for their clients, and either one can help you, if you have questions. They would be glad to hear from you. She got back to me quickly and was very accommodating with her time and information.

Here’s a > LINK < to their Web site; you can upload your resume, search for jobs, and lots of other things here. Creative Group is a Robert Half International company, and they have a St. Louis office.

Their local office info:

211 N. Broadway
Suite 1250
St. Louis, MO 63102
Phone: 314.621.1121 — Elizabeth or Greg
Fax: 314.621.4621


If YOU have experience with Creative Group, I’d love to have you post about it!

Over the years, I’ve received many resumes, and when I am not hiring here, I refer people to Creative Group. I’ve always heard back that the experience was a good one.

Testimonials, anyone?