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Michelle Swatek at AIA St. Louis Chapter wrote me today and said she is happy to know the information about this program is getting out.

She said, “These are such tough time for architects, and we hope this helps their situation and makes them better architects/interns for when this is all behind us!”

Here is  a copy/paste of the info on the application for the scholarship.

You can copy/paste this into a pdf document, or e-mail message, or other document and complete the information for your application.

E-mail it to: Michelle Swatek []




 AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund

Application for Professional Development Loan

Date: ____________
Name ___________________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________
Phone ___________________________________________________________
eMail ___________________________________________________________
Description of the Loan Request:
Loan Amount Requested: __________________________________________
Background Information
College or University Attended ___________________________________________
Degree(s) Attained _____________________________________________________
Graduation Date(s)_____________________________________________________
State(s) of Registration (if applicable) _____________________________________
Employment History
Firm/Company Dates (from/to)
I, the undersigned, do make this application for a loan from the AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund to further
my professional development. I fully intend to repay the loan when full time employment is achieved and
sustained, according to a schedule that is mutually agreed upon by the Fund and myself.
Signature ___________________________________Date______________________
You may use additional sheets, if necessary, to describe your loan request.