clairebiopictureNew readers, who don’t know Claire yet, here is the scoop: Claire Keeling is a local creative, who specializes in organization. Her St. Louis-based company, Sort it Out, has a nice list of clients.


Visit her Web site > Sort it Out < to see who’s on the list and read the client testimonials. 


Now, dig this: She’s sending weekly tips to St. Louis Design Community Connections readers for free to help reduce our stress. All of us are probably pretty high-stress people, anyway, but throw in the uncertainty of the workplace, poor cash flow, business slow-downs, furloughs, lay-offs, pay reductions, colleagues here today/gone tomorrow, and we’re beyond stressed: We’re freaking out, man!


Claire is here to help us reduce our stress by giving us tips on staying organized. If you’re doing a job search, it’s important. If you’re just overloaded at work, because of staff cuts, it’s important. Okay: When is it not important?!?


So, show Claire some love and appreciation.  Send her an e-mail and thank her for taking the time to do this for us. Let her know if you’ve used one of her tips and how it helped you.


Claire Keeling <>


This week Claire writes:


Employees are overwhelmed by their lack of organizational skills, growing piles of paperwork and e-mail overload. Sort It Out is a consulting company that can help. We team up with businesses to educate, motivate, and challenge employees to take a risk by stepping out of old, inefficient ways of working and to move forward—towards more efficient and productive ways.


Claire writes,


Paper comes at us all the time through many forms, mail, bills, e-mail, kids school work, etc. Many people struggle with where to put it all. Utilizing the extra time that you might have on your hands during a job search to deal with your reference papers at home, is a great idea. The biggest step is to implement a system for organizing your reference documents, like the FreedomFiler (


The FreedomFiler tells you what and how long to keep documents. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase, around $45, and only needs to be set up one time. The only supplies you would need are a two or four drawer file cabinet, and around 100 hanging files. The average time it takes to put it together is around four hours, which usually includes going through all of your piles and documents and figuring out what stays and goes.


Editor’s note: This sounds good to me. Anyone who has ever seen my office may think this tip was put together just for me!