Claire Keeling is a local creative, who specializes in organization. Her St. Louis-based company, Sort it Out, has helped an impressive list of local companies be more productive through improvements in organization.

Claire is available for consulting, training and if you would like her to make a presentation at the company where you work, here is a contact form on her Web site > Sort it Out <.

She’s providing weekly tips for this blog’s readers to help us manage our stress.

clairebiopicture1Claire writes,

I often hear from my clients that they don’t have time to read.


Articles, newsletters, and books stack up because we think we don’t have time. The reality is that we don’t take the time. Using the time you are searching for a job is a really good opportunity to tackle your reading.


Whether it’s e-newsletters, journals, or books you have had every intention of getting to but haven’t, this is a good time to categorize all of the reading you’d like to tackle, get caught up on, or finally get to.


If you don’t have a list of “someday” books, this is a good time to create one, for both personal and work-related topics. Valuable resources include your local library, buying used books online, and downloading books on iTunes. Not only will you feel productive, you will be more up-to-date on items you’ve been putting off because you thought there just wasn’t time.


If you’re not a book reader, just tackle articles, magazines, and newsletters you’ve been putting off. Blogs are also an effective way to update your knowledge in short bursts of information. Clicking on Alltop Business News will provide you with a large list of business blogs to choose from.


Editor’s note: Thanks, Claire! I always learn something from your tips!