Linda Jarrett

Linda Jarrett

I’ve worked with award-winning* freelance writer/journalist Linda Jarrett in my position as communications director at Lawrence Group. She knows her stuff, and she is wonderful to work with.

My criteria for judging degrees of “wonderfulness” includes a freelancer taking the time to do some preliminary research on the subject of their assignment before our first meeting, great interviewing skills to flush out the information that the subject of her interview might not think to provide, delivering a well-crafted first draft early in the process to allow time for review and revision by multiple people at our end, getting the final draft entirely correct—and remembering to send me a copy of it for my files.

Linda met all the criteria on each assignment, and more.


St. Louis is fortunate to be a very literate metro area, and that’s not just me talking, that’s according to a list of the “Top 10 Most Literate Cities in the USA” published in December 2008 by Imaginova’s St. Louis, Missouri, came in at a most respectable #9.

bookworm_eastern-nm-univThe list is generated by Jack Miller, president of Central Connecticut State University. wrote, “Once again, bookworms in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest have beaten out Yankee types to reach the very top of a researcher’s list of the most literate American cities … .” 

So, walk proud, St. Louis!  But, I digress.

One of the most fortunate outcomes of being a very literate city is that we have some of the best writers for hire anywhere. Linda Jarrett is certainly in the top tier of those best writers, and if you are looking for a freelancer and/or a collaborative partner for some great idea you have, contact Linda Jarrett in your selection process.

Here’s a link to her Web site at > Write For You < where you can find her list of projects and clients. She can also be reached by other means, including:

Phone (636) 230-7094

*Awards include three that Linda won in the recent Missouri Press Women’s Communications Contest

quick-escapes-0762707992_01_mzzzzzzzEditor’s note: Spring is in the air, and it’s a great time for some little side trips around the St. Louis area. Linda authored a book titled Quick Escapes St. Louis that you can use for planning those one, two or three-day getaways working on your mind with the increasing sunshine and warming weather now. It’s also on her Web site.

Image of bookworm courtesy Eastern New Mexico University via the Web