Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

I saw today on the news page at, the blog publishing platform I’m using here, that they added a sidebar “widget” for Twitter. I kinda-sorta knew that was available on some platforms, but I hadn’t investigated it on WordPress yet.

Adding any new feature always has a learning curve, and I don’t always feel like taking on the work to learn it. I had the “add Twitter to my blog” idea on my to-do list, but when I saw the “it’s really easy” come-on today on the news page at, I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

So, there is now a link in my sidebar for Twitter, if you want to set up an account there and follow me that way. Twitter accounts are free.

I’m learning this with you, right now. I set up my Twitter account 9 months ago, and very few people I mentioned that to at the time knew what I was talking about. I now have five or six people who are “following me,” and I’m following them, plus five or six others, who were suggested by Twitter from a list of nationally interesting technology types.

I posted an update from the Web (via my laptop) to my Twitter account saying that I had the feature set up on my blog here. So far, the sidebar still says “No response from Twitter.”

I’m not sure if my update/announcement is supposed to show up there, or if only “tweets” from those I follow are supposed to show up there, or what.

Will somebody please “tweet” me, so I can see the next step here?