Still life before event

Still life before event

According to journalists Diana Losciale and Mary Jo Blackwood, the event organizers, about 40 people attended, including me. I noticed that this event was one where the size and configuration of the space was perfect relative to the number of people who attended.

If a space is too large, people don’t mingle well. If the space is too small, they feel overwhelmed and don’t stay. What a wonderful way to stage what I hope will be the first of many of these networking events. I’m glad to help get out the word on the next one. I’d also be glad to pay my share to help fund the flowers, food and wine. How about you?

I don’t have pictures to post of the event, besides the still life you see here, because we were too busy networking to snap photos. If you want to know who goes to the next one, you will have to be there, too!

If you attended the first event at Campbell Plaza on 4/1/09, please post a comment here to give a shout-out to Diana and Mary Jo and their crew, who made the food, poured the drinks and arranged for use of the space, plus had name tags ready for all who RSVP’d.

Come on, y’all: Holla!