Claire Keeling, organizational expert, is sharing ideas to help us keep organized while we go about our searches for work. Today’s tip deals with a philosophical issue.

Philosophy of Simplicity

Acom’s razor: The simplest solution tends to be the correct one.

Life always seems to somehow complicate itself. Below are three tips to keeping your job search simple:

1. Use bullets and numbers in e-mails instead of long rambling sentences.

2. Write out voice-mail messages before you call so that you are clear and concise rather than vague and confusing.

3. Move all piles off of your immediate workspace and only focus on one item at a time.

Editor’s note:  Thanks, Claire! I feel like you have actually seen my workspace and are trying to save me from myself!

*Alternative spellings: Occam’s and Ockam’s; and for all the non-philosophy major brainiacs here is more on Acom’s / Occam’s razor:’s_razor