I mean, I get so irritated when my laptop drops its wireless network connection, or the McAfee software I use does its auto-update while I’m working and slows down the progress of work, while my laptop is multi-tasking. I forget how some truly great writers worked with much less technology supporting their work.

For example,

tomato-pin-cushion-783230977_3a7081abedToday is the birthday of writer Eudora Welty, born in Jackson, Mississippi (1909). She wrote several novels, including The Optimist’s Daughter (1972), but she’s best known for her short stories. She wrote and rewrote, revising her stories by cutting them apart with scissors at the dining-room table and reassembling them with straight pins.*

Just thought I’d put things into perspective, if you’re having one of those days where modern life and its amazing conveniences are irritants! I mean: Everything is relative, isn’t it?

*Information adapted from the April 13, 2009, e-mail blast by “The Writer’s Almanac, with Garrison Keiller.”

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