Many thanks to Claire Keeling, organizational expert, for putting together these tips for the readers here each week. Claire is president of Sort it Out, a St. Louis-based company specializing in time and e-mail management, project management, paper flow, procrastination, and related things that can overwhelm us. Claire has a profile on > LinkedIn <, and you can sign in to your own LinkedIn profile to see hers, ask her a specific question about your situation, request to connect to her, etc.

clairebiopicture5Claire says,

Managing interviews, contacts and appointments during a job search can get overwhelming to even the most organized people. Utilizing a system like the > Levenger® Circa <  notebook system, is a great way to keep everything in one place. If you’re not familiar with Levenger, it’s an amazing company with some great product offerings to help get and keep you organized.

This particular notebook is unique because the paper is designed to go into the book and pull right out of the book, so it’s an inexhaustible book. Many individuals use a notebook to store their information, but get frustrated when the book fills up and then they find themselves going back and forth between the new book and the older one. This notebook solves that problem.

It’s also effective as a tool to manage multiple tasks/projects because of the tab option (packages come with 5 tabbed sections). It’s easy to purchase additional tabs so that you can separate each section and use the notebook as a total project management tool. You could have tabs for To-Do’s, Projects, Contacts, etc. It’s just a great way to keep all of your papers all together. I would also recommend purchasing the hole-punch so that you can even print out your Outlook calendar and stick it in there if you so wish.

These products are a bit of an investment, but well worth the money. If you use a label maker to make tabs for each of the sections, you can use and reuse forever. The only upkeep is just adding additional paper when you need it.

Circa Starter Kit

Circa Starter Kit

Editor’s note: The > Circa Starter Kit <  is available for $14.

I have been a Levenger lover for years. I first got their paper catalog a decade ago, at least. The company’s tag line, “Tools for serious readers,” had me as an immediate fan.

The Circa system looks nice. You can start with the basic notebook and then add pieces and accessories to design exactly what you need and want. There’s a > video demonstration < on the Web site of Circa in action to show you some of the options.

The Levenger Web page says,

The flexibility of electronic organization meets the satisfaction of fine paper. Experience the pleasure of working with paper again. With Circa, pages can be added and rearranged, quickly and easily, again and again. The system evolves with you and changes with your needs, providing the flexibility of an electronic organizer with the added benefit of instant hard copy. Circa paper is rewardingly strong, enticingly bright and exceedingly smooth, so you can let your ink—and your ideas—flow freely.

There definitely is something generative about the combination of fine paper and a good pen.

Silk paper-making in China, Middle Ages

Paper-making in China, Middle Ages


Image from > Invention of Paper <