thats_how_i_roll_toilet_paper_tshirt-p235398566763070037clqn_400energy-saver-light-bulbMy husband and I (still) have many (small) points of conflict (after nearly 22 years of marriage), and one of them is whether the toilet paper roll goes “over,” or “under” on the roller. That’s not what I’m writing about today, though. I’m writing about the point of disagreement we have on whether or not lights should be turned off every time we leave a room, or left on throughout the evening, because it takes a surge of power to flip a light on, thereby possibly offsetting the power saved by having turned it off.

Do you have these kinds of debates in your home?!? <sigh>

Well, I found an article that seems to solve our light bulb debate, > When to switch off your lights. <

If you want to know “who won,” that information will cost you!

This information is of interest to me, as a person trying to reduce my energy consumption, as well as trying to save on my utility bills while I’m working a reduced work week on top of a salary cut. I thought perhaps there are others out there dealing with the same issues, who might like to read the article.


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