I’m so delighted by the number of readers who have come and continue to come to this sight. I must admit that I feel some pressure to reach further and further to provide good content as the readership grows!

I am amazed: 3,500 readers in less than 7 weeks!

I wasn’t sure when I started this on February 28, 2009, exactly how it would evolve. It’s been fairly organic, to be honest. I read a lot, and if I see something that I think might be of interest, or of help, to anyone else, I post it here.

Reading Circle

Reading Circle

The readership is quite international, so it’s great visibility for anyone who would like me to do a spotlight on him/her for freelance work, or for public service activities, or some type of content that hasn’t yet occurred to me. Please let me know by posting your request as a comment. If you don’t want the comment made public, just note that. I review and must approve all comments to have them made public, and I will honor requests to keep comments private.

All I can say is thank you for your time spent here reading my posts. I do put a lot of my time time into this, and it’s very gratifying to have you come and visit. Remember that you can subscribe (click on the “chicklet” in the side bar and enter your e-mail address, Twitter ID, cell phone number, or whatever contact info you’d like to use to get updates when I post something new.)

Best regards.

Image of “news” graphic from The Learning Exchange, adult literacy program, Vimont, Laval, Quebec, via the Web
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