If so, how do you use it?  To keep up with your spouse, your kid, George Clooney, the stock market?

Commander Data

Commander Data

I set up my account a year ago and never used it till last week, actually. I could have “followed” any number of business writers or entertainers also on Twitter (e.g., I could have been following Brent Spiner all this time—you know, the actor who is best known for playing Commander Data on StarTrek: The Next Generation); also, a feature on Twitter is that if you don’t want to get the tweets (updates), you can turn the “follow” on/off at any time. It’s totally in your control.

Right now I’m following Lewis Howes (Bio: Author of LinkedWorking : LinkedIn Consultant and World Record Holder: Most Receiving Yds in a single football game. Founder of the Sports Industry Network), Biz Stone (Bio: Follow the wacky adventures of a Twitter co-founder!), and Kevin Rose (Bio: Founder of social media site Random ideas, entrepreneur, climber of rocks, video blogger, & tea drinker.)

I don’t get the updates on my cell phone as many people do (that would drive me NUTS.) I get them on-line and check them once a day while I decompress after work.

There are all KINDS of people and publications for EVERY interest that you can “follow,” and then change when you’ve had enough of the type of tweets from a particular account. There are some pretty mundane tweets sent out, but everyone has to start somewhere. I think the value is to figure out how to use the various media to “build” your brand or your message on multiple communications platforms.

not-a-geekIf you are having some “down time” right now with your employment situation, it’s a great time to expand on your technical skills. The home page for an account on Twitter is really, really, REALLY simple.

If you don’t want to use Twitter, or don’t have any idea how you would use it, it’s still FREE to set up an account.

The experience of doing that works your brain and gives you techno-cred, too, which is helpful in any career.

After you get the hang of it, put your Twitter username in your e-mail signature.

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