Okay, cowboys and cowgirls: You’ve had a day off. You should be rested and ready. Let’s get back on our horses.

exectweets-birdicon-5I want to tell you about a little social networking, interactive program in “beta,” that is “test version,” called > ExecTweets <.

It’s purpose is to “find and follow top business execs on Twitter.”

This seems a little stalker-ish, at first glance, but if you’re trying to connect with a particular individual, like a prospective client or a person who has a position open on their team, this little app can help you get past the gatekeepers, plus avoid all the mundane tweets on Twitter from people who not only can’t further your cause, but who are micro-blogging about what they had for lunch today. I mean, who cares?!?

It could be that ExecTweets is to Twitter as LinkedIn is to FaceBook, that is, more targeted, getting to the nitty-gritty.

I’ll play around with ExecTweets to see how it integrates with the other programs I’m already using to advantage. That’s the key to me, to figure out how to stack these programs, plug them into each other, make them work together. For example, to me some information is a quick-hit kind of thing (like an event reminder or cancellation), and that says “Twitter” to me. Something else, with more detail and anticipated longevity, is better as a post on a blog. Figure out how these things work, how you can use them to advance your plan, and how they work together as a means to that end.

I think it’s totally worthwhile to set up accounts on these kinds of programs and figure out how they work, who’s using them and for what. Even being generally familiar with and knowledgeable about them only makes you more credible in terms of the most basic technology that is having a huge impact on the business world.

Challenge yourself to spend two hours on it a week. Pick out one program and focus on that until you can make one insightful comment about it at a networking event, like RCGA Business After Hours, or can ask a cogent question that shows you have some understanding and want to take that further.

Kensington 2G Thumb Drive

Kensington 2G Thumb Drive

Get yourself a thumb drive, download > RoboForm2Go < (it’s free), and use that combo to track your usernames and passwords. That makes things so much easier. (Big Lots had the Kensington 2G drive shown here for $10 last week.)

If you’re interested to dive in but don’t know where to start, post a question here.

Best regards.