I found an on-line article that I am so excited to share with you!

It’s called > “What is networking, anyway?”<

I wish I had written this, but I didn’t. I am going to take the liberty to copy/paste the first two paragraphs of the article, though, to tempt you to go to the site where I found it and read the whole thing. I’m also going to “swipe” the image the site used to illustrate the article, because it makes the point so clearly!

Ready? Here’s the “swipe”:

shake_hand_400Networking. Everyone knows they need to do it. Building relationships and getting to know your industry are time-tested ways of earning new business. But are we truly making connections, or just picking up business cards? In the age of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, has networking become nothing more than a race to see who has more “friends?”

Susan Wilson Solovic (Duct Tape Marketing) thinks that real networking is so much more than that. Here, she gives us the Three Rules on how to build relationships and grow your network in your quest to be the most connected expert in town.

Editor’s note: If you want the Three Rules, go back to the top of the page here and click on the link to the whole article. Once you read it, generalize the info, and everything else about networking, and social networking, should make sense to you, especially why you need to be familiar with the basic concepts, at a minimum.

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