I am in no way a “Microsoft Hater.” Let me say that at the beginning here.

crash-test-dummyI have, however, had continual problems with MS Internet Explorer (IE) on my personal laptop. The problem might not be specifically IE; it could be IE running on Windows Vista installed on my HP Pavilion Entertainment PC. I don’t know, and really, I don’t care. All I know is that I’ve had problems, and I’m tired of constant crashes.

IE crashed on me almost every time I tried to save something online, which really slowed down my Weblog updates. Grrrrr!!! I thought the problem was interference with my wireless network, e.g., a nearby neighbor using a garage-door opener, or me talking on my cell phone or cordless handset while working at the laptop, or my husband using the microwave—something crossing up the connection.

firefox-logo-feature-logo1Turns out it was not the wireless network, according to my IT guru, who shall remain nameless (because I have not asked to use her name here.) It was IE, or apparently so, because I have not had one crash since I switched to Mozilla Firefox for my Web browser about a week or two ago. Just want to say if you are experiencing problems with IE, don’t hesitate to try Firefox.

I’m totally loving Firefox. It was easy to set up. I did it half-way paying attention to what I was doing (probably while watching “World’s Dumbest … .” on Tru-TV.) Firefox transferred all my bookmarks and favorites and other stuff from IE to Firefox without me having to do anything except hit a button to say “yeah, whatever, do it.”

Another “plus” with Firefox (besides stability) is that it is an open source software program, which means that people who don’t work for Mozilla can grab the code and create programs to work with it. One such add-on program that I’m loving as much as Firefox is called “Remember The Milk” (beta/test.)

remember-the-milk-logo1It’s a task organizer program, and I’ve been rounding up all my personal “to-do” lists the last few days from my laptop, my purse, my desk, my car, held with magnets the front of my refrigerator, taped to the front door and bathroom mirror, etc., and entering the tasks from them into this sweet little program.

Besides all the places I keep to-do lists (mentioned above) I also put urgent tasks on my Outlook calendar, which is not a great way to manage them, because they’re mixed in with my appointments. It has not been a good system for getting things done. I know that Outlook has a task list, and I have tried to use the task list along with the calendar in Outlook, and that system hasn’t worked well for me. Maybe the program names just weren’t cute enough.

What I do know is that I am really loving Firefox and Remember The Milk … .

Image of crash test dummy from monash.edu.au via the Web