flowers-of-clayton-logo11Nancy and the other owners at Flowers of Clayton were delighted to be featured in a post here a few days ago. I wrote about their recycling program for your old florist vases.

They are having an Earth Day recycling special, so if you have used florist vases and baskets in good condition, bring them by for a small cash-and-carry bouquet!

Nancy, the store manager, wrote,

“Come by for our Earth Day recycling!  It’s this Saturday, 4/25, from 9 am – 12 pm.

We’ll be doing our regular recycle program with special flowers donated from my wholesaler, who donates every year for the event.”

Flowers of Clayton, 8125 Maryland Ave, 314-726-2424

My Red-Bud Tree

My Red-Bud Tree

Editor’s note:

I usually do some gardening on Earth Day. I don’t necessarily plan it that way, but then I find myself in my recliner at the end of the day with dirt under my fingernails.

About six years ago, I found the perfect spot in my backyard for another tree (you have to think about these things and wander around in the yard over a period of time envisioning the plantings. It’s very relaxing.) I put in the red-bud tree that you see here. It was a little stick about up to my knees when it was first planted. It’s about 20 feet high now, and about as wide.

I had Ray’s Trees come out and shape it at about three years, and any day now their technician should be out to fertilize our trees. I have someone from Ray’s come out every other year to do that. This red-bud is so beautiful when it flowers like this in the spring; it creates a glorious canopy of big, heart-shaped leaves, and it shades a large patch of the lawn in the summer, once it leafs out for the season. “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree … .”

This year I don’t have money to buy any plantings, but I do need to separate some bulbs, which I probably should have done last fall but didn’t get to. I will do that this Earth Day, and I’m going to put them in the yards of two of the neighbors on my street. I am working on a design on paper for foundation plantings at both houses (they’re pretty similar) including tiger lilies, calla lilies, peony bushes, tulips, iris, and lily of the valley. I also have snow drops, but they’ve bloomed already, and I think the yard guys have already mowed over them. Not sure I can locate them along the fence, but I’ll give it a try.

What are you doing this year on Earth Day?