I try to stay out of the way during the St. Louis Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend. I’m amazed by, and slightly frightened of, people who run in marathons. I just can’t imagine wanting to do it.

I have to give myself a pep-talk every work-day just to motivate myself to take the steps instead of the elevator from the third floor of the parking garage at the MetroLink station.

But enough about me and my fitness issues.

Off to a good start!

Off to a good start!

The 2009 St. Louis Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend was held April 19. My good friend Pat McCormick ran, and it was his second half-marathon. That means 13.1 miles. Running. Oy!

Here is the report from Pat, who has pretty much recovered from his outing.

He started 16 minutes after the gun

He finished with a time of 2 hours, 2 minutes

It rained like heck the whole time (we’re talking major chafing)

He hopes Pamela Anderson* sees these pictures and calls him

Editor’s note: *Pamela Anderson wouldn’t have a chance w/ Pat, in truth. He’s got his wife Joanie, a beautiful blonde, herself, and some good arm-candy, in my opinion. Joanie was on the Big Red Line, that is, one of the cheerleaders for the St. Louis Cardinals football team, back when they were in St. Louis. She throws a great party, too!

A guy can dream, though—eh, Pat?

Yep. That's the Pat we all know.

Yep. That's the Pat we all know.

So, if you know Pat, who is a KU grad with a bachelor’s in architectural engineering, and a St. Louis University grad with an MBA, tell him you’re proud of him. I know I am.