world_mapI continue to be amazed at how people of like mind around the nation, and around the world, find each other through these grassroots efforts called “blogs.”

Sitting down with an organic, fair-trade, homemade iced cappuccino this morning, I find a comment on my post about the Edible Schoolyard from such a like minded person. I can see lots of things about whomever visits the blog (through the “dashboard,” which is where I do my writing and other administrative chores) including someone’s e-mail address, and their blog or Web site, if they have one. I don’t have the time to check that out for each of the more than 5,600 visitors in the last 8 weeks, but I do if they take the time to leave a comment. I try to send a thank you and check out their blog in return (show love, as it’s called in the ‘blog world.)

Road to Wellness: My journey to finding health and wellness through exercise and diet is worth a look. It’s very visual and very personal, both good qualities in a blog, I think. The author sounds like she lives an interesting life, and here’s a copy/paste from the author’s “About Me” page,

I am primarily a self-taught and self-representing artist. My work weaves a tapestry of the realistic, natural, imaginative and historic, reflecting my deep love and commitment to the preservation of the natural resources of the Upper Midwest.

I am a long time supporter and volunteer of conservation efforts throughout the Midwest. In 2000, my husband, Norm, and I were commissioned Colonels by the state of Kentucky for our volunteer efforts at Mammoth Cave National Park. We are also co-authors of “101 Things To Do on the Wisconsin Great River Road”

The Road To Wellness blog is my gift to myself.

caesarionEditor’s note: Summer is just around the corner, and soon we shall be up to our eyeballs in garden-fresh zucchini from back yard gardens and local farmer’s markets here in St. Louis. (I tell my dad as we start to be overwhelmed with our own that we should wrap them in baby blankets, put them in baskets, and leave them on people’s front steps with a note saying “Blessed with more than we can keep; please love and cherish!”)

Well, with that looming scenario in mind, you are going to want to check out Chris’s April 25 post of a Whole Wheat Zucchini Nut Bread recipe from King Arthur Flour.

Got your attention? Well then, get to gettin!

Image of world map from (Getting Away with Jim Bruner: Your travel source with a personal touch)
Image of foundling baby Caesarion from (from the book Asterix and Son, originally Asterix et Fils)