phrenologyOrganizational expert and regular guest contributor here, Claire Keeling, president of Sort It Out, asks,

“Do you now what kind of learner you are?”

Clair writes, Are you visual, auditory, reading-writing, kinesthetic or multi-modal? An interim between employment and unemployment might be a good time for you to find out.

Research shows that you will forget 64% of what you learned in 24 hours and 98% of what you learned in one week. Wow, that’s staggering. It almost makes you wonder why we make the effort to write things down at all.

When it comes to listening to new information, I’ve learned that for me to learn that information and put the new ideas into action, I have to listen to the material over and over (I’m an aural learner). I love downloading books and educational workshops to my iPod. I find myself listening when I’m out for a walk with the dog, doing chores around the house or driving in the car.

jack-canfieldI used to think that I was the kind of person that learned from viewing and reviewing notes, but the more I’m learning about myself, the more I don’t think that’s true. Author and personal coach> Jack Canfield <talks about “spaced repetition” in his book, The Success Principles, which is the action of looking at or listening to something over and over to learn something new.

Ready to determine your own learning style?

If you click on this link > VARK <, you can take a quiz to find out if you’re an aural, verbal, reading/writing or kinesthetic learner.

I often encourage people I work with to take this quiz, if they’re not sure.

Editor’s note: Hopefully, we are learning every day through our entire lives, and knowing one’s learning style is a good way to be organized (and efficient) in your knowledge intake.

ipod-geek-culture-silhouetteFor example, if you are an aural learning, why load up on books, if there are podcasts with the same material?

Or, if you are a kinesthetic learning, there’s no reason to think that sitting at a desk with a book is the only “right” way to learn—even though that may be what we were told in school. So it’s important self-knowledge to understand your learning style.

I just took the quiz–it’s free, BTW, and here is my score:

  • Visual: 3
  • Aural: 6
  • Read/Write: 6
  • Kinesthetic: 1

That puts me in the multi-modal style of learner, with aural and read-write as my dominant preferences. I studied a lot about this in getting my BA in psychology, and I agree with the outcome here.

The study guide says about 60% of us are multi-modal. I’m about to copy the Study Strategies Tip Sheet to see if I can use the information to help me with my studies for Accreditation in Public Relations (APR.)

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