I’ve had as many as 350+ visitors from around the world come to this site on any given day.

Blogging, when I should be sleeping.

Blogging, when I should be sleeping.

This brings the running total of visitors to 5,598 since I launched the site on February 28, 2009. The “hits” that are counted are unique URLS, and do not count my own visits or return visits by anyone. The reach has been widely international.

I think it’s pretty amazing what one person can do working at a laptop in (her) living room in her pajamas.

The purpose of the site isn’t necessarily just to count hits. My primary thought, when I launched this exactly 8 weeks ago, was to provide a place for colleagues in the “creative class” to network. I was seeing (and continue to see) so many people locally at design-related companies being laid off, furloughed, have hours reduced, pay cut, etc.


How about the readers here creating a little chatter?

While I’m totally jazzed about the number of hits, I’m really not sure why there aren’t more comments being posted, or more people taking me up on my offer to do a “Spotlight” on their work, if they are freelancers, reps or available for work as consultants, if they are between gigs. There is no charge to Spotlight you. There won’t ever be a charge. Take advantage of it now, because when the St. Louis area gets back to full employment, I may not have the time to continue the blog!

Can anyone help me out and get some lines of conversation and information sharing started among the readers?

Image of Karen Neuburger That Touch of Pink Stripe Shortsleeve Crop Pajama from sleepyheads.com via the Web (and I am a Karen Neuburger customer!)

Image of Chatter Matters game box by Mattel from Amazon.com via the Web