Emily Listfield

Emily Listfield

Emily Listfield* contributed a feature to Parade magazine (p 22, April 26, 2009) titled “5 Easy Tips to Save Money—and Energy,” that gave a surprisingly “green” figure.

shop-online-smNot that I need encouragement to shop online, but she wrote,

“Shopping online is a great way to compare prices. And now a study from Carnegie Mellon’s Green Design Institute says it may also be a good way to reduce your environmental impact. Researchers estimate that comparison-shopping online instead of driving from store to store could result in up to 35% less energy consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions. and with so many websites offering free shipping, you’ll save money, time, and gas. …”

Obviously not driving saves energy and reduces carbon-dioxide emissions, but 35% is goodly amount.

*> Emily Listfield < is a novelist, columnist and editor.

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