world-architecture-festival-2009-logo1I received this in an e-mail last Friday from Paul Finch, OBE, Programme Director, World Architecture Festival:

Dear Ms. Gamache,

Today, I am launching my new blog service for the international architectural community, ‘Letter from London’. It covers all architectural issues, from the inspirational to the practical to the contentious and I look forward to your thoughts, comments and opinions.

The blog mirrors the in aiming to satisfy a pressing industry need for a global, inclusive, interactive, meeting point. In this spirit I hope it becomes a place where architects worldwide feel happy to discuss and debate the most important and interesting international developments in the profession.

Visit my blog and comment on today’s architectural issues.

Editor’s note: I have blogrolled, and if you can find the link in my sidebar here. Paul Finch has blogrolled this one on his, in return. It’s called “showing love.” I’m pretty excited about being on that blogroll, especially for the architects reading here. Good connection!