Bye, DC!

Bye, DC!

Nick is a Missouri native, who is on a road trip from Washington, D.C., heading home to Kansas City, Missouri. He is using Twitter to chart the progress of his trip. If you have a Twitter account, you can follow him, and he has designated “Meet Zones” along the way, where you can go say hello, cheer him on, welcome him home.

Here is a link to the whole plan on his blog, > Sociotrends, <
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I think this is a fun idea, and it’s a good way to get your feet wet with Twitter, if you’re not on board with it yet.

You may not have any idea of how you would use it, but you really have to set up the account and see what other people do, first. Then the ideas will start to come. If you’re in communications of any sort, it’s a must-have, IMHO.

Hello, KC!

Hello, KC!

Here is a copy/paste from Nick’s blog that explains why he’s on the road,

Because of this, I’ll be leaving Washington, D.C., for my home state of Missouri.

On Thursday, April 30, 2009, I’ll be hitting the road in
my Hyundai Sonata,
headed toward the
> Show-Me State <.

I want to make the most of this trip, so I’ve decided to show how social media can be applied to real life by helping people connect, both on the Web and in face-to-face communication. In order for this to work, though, I need your help.

Below is a Google Map called “Nick Does the Midwest.” I’ll be using it for this trip. Right now you’ll see a start point (Falls Church, Va.), an end point (Kansas City, Mo.), my projected route and the Meet Zone. I will be updating my actual progress as I go.

Here’s where you come in. I’d like to meet you. If you’re close to the Meet Zone, let me know by following me on > Twitter < or sending me a message on > Facebook <, and I’ll try to swing by and say hello.

If you’re not in the Meet Zone, use the Share/Save button at the bottom of this post to tell everyone you can about this. The more people who hear about my Midwest Mashup, the more people I’m likely to meet during my journey.

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Image of Washington Monument from magazineusa.com
Image of Kansas City, Missouri — Brush Creek on the Country Club Plaza at Night from greatrealtyusa.com