A a r o n

I follow Webster University (my alma mater) on Twitter. They forwarded a nice link to a blog called Disruptology  > Aaron Uhrmacher on Social Media & Communications <. Today’s post was titled > “10 Social Media Tasks for Summer Interns.” <

Two thoughts:

numeral-1If you are fortunate enough to have a summer intern, this is a great to-do list for her/him, and you will have a great foundation set for building your social media for the rest of the year. 

  If you don’t have an intern, see how many of these tasks you can accomplish
  yourself.  Try one/week to start.


Bottom line for me is get a strategy set and execution started for your employer &/or yourself, one way or another, to stay relevant!  These are important skills, and if you don’t have them yet, all the software you need to add them to your skill set is either on the Web or between your ears.

I’ll blogroll Aaron’s site so you can check in on him from time to time from my sidebar.