Bertrand Russell

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Oh, I know you know this!  Well, at least you probably know the person’s name. Give up?

Okay—it’s Bertrand Russell.

So, why am I asking you about this today? Because he was born on this day in 1872.

I found this and a few other literary, historical tidbits today in the “The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor.” I had just shared something yesterday from his daily almanac, and not wanting to repeat the form of yesterday’s post, I followed a thread on Russell.

Well, I found a great resource, which I shall revisit. I will link it here, and it’s called > <.

You can geek out on every subject for which a Nobel Prize is given, impress your family, friend and neighbor, and amaze even yourself with how much time you can spend playing their online games.

You can even listen to the prize winners’ Nobel Lectures (or read them.) Bertrand Russell was a writer and philosopher, whose text books on mathematics and the history of philosophy are classics; he gave his Nobel Lecture on “What Desires Are Politically Important?”

Editor’s note/caption:

The English philosopher Bertrand Russell. His joint manifesto with Einstein contributed to a movement among scientists which was a major force behind the nuclear test ban treaty and other efforts to stave off nuclear destruction.
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