Tom Finan

Tom Finan

Tom Finan is a successful local publisher, as well as an artist, writer, and business person. He can look at things from so many perspectives, and he does that in a post he just sent me from his own blog.

newsweekHis analysis of Newsweek‘s recent makeover, content of its current issue, why it matters, and where it “fits” even in a world of Web-based publishing is great material. I want to see them succeed with their newly revamped model, and I will pick up a copy today (or as my sweet and unsuspecting husband to do it:  “Hon, are you going out anywhere today … ?”)

Here’s a > link < to Tom’s post/blog, and don’t forget it’s also linked in my blogroll.

Editor’s note: The Newsweek makeover is a great conversation piece at a networking event.