New St.-Louis-region acquaintance on Twitter, MilliGFunk, sent the following good-news Tweet this morning about a photo she took,

“Here’s the photo will be using:”

Milli just started following me on Twitter, and I returned the love. She relocated to the region from NYC, and I think it’s great to know that all the creatives are not concentrated in downtown St. Louis, or the city even, but are living throughout a large regional (dare I say STATE / Bi-STATE?) expanse around here.

Tweet by Tweet, blog post by blog post, award announcement by award announcement, we are changing the image of the Heartland. We know someone doesn’t have to live along a coast line to be creative, or part of a creative community. I lived in Southern California for several years, and I got tired of defending the part of the country where I was born and raised as something dismissable—or as people often said, “A good place to be FROM!  HAW-HAW-HAW!”

Yeah, right, moron … .

So let’s work together to make sure we spread the word! Share the links, especially to people outside our area.

Check out Milli’s prize-winning photo, and if you start to follow her on Twitter, tell her you found the lead here!