I realize not everyone out there wants to be a public relations person, but we all handle our own individual brands, whether we like to think that or not. So, being able to pitch a story well and successfully is crucial.

"electric storyteller"

"electric storyteller"

Pitching a story is the art of crafting a story idea that is well suited to the medium and its target audience.  Good pitches take a lot of thought. Simply having a topic or an announcement does not a story idea (or pitch) make.

It’s the task of the public relations person to come up with a story idea, expert spokespersons, ancillary information plus ideas for images and graphics and pitch that package to the appropriate media.

strytlr imagesPR people need to be good storytellers, as well as good resource people.

pitch cartoon images

The ideas of “pitch” and “story” can be generalized to cover letter + resume, e-mail inquiry, interview, portfolio presentation, and client proposal meeting. Sky’s the limit: Your only constraint is your imagination.

That said, there are right ways and wrong ways to pitch. If you learn best by instruction on what not to do—or want a good laugh at some wrong-headed efforts—check out the newest addition to my blogroll, the Bad Pitch Blog.

Image of electric storyteller from fableman.com via the Web
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