What?!? No Jean Baptiste Gamache statue?

What?!? No Jean Baptiste Gamache statue?

Bet you didn’t know I was married to “local royalty” of a sort.

Tomorrow (Saturday, June 20, 2009) there is a big Gamache family gathering in St. Louis that will include a stop at the monumental tomb of the first St. Louis Gamache, Jean Baptiste Gamache, followed by festivities at a local restaurant.

Jean Baptiste Gamache was a contemporary of Pierre Laclede in the late 1700s and with him was one of the French founders of St. Louis. I don’t know why there isn’t a “Gamache Gas Company,” or a “Gamache’s Landing” on the St. Louis Riverfront, or a “Gamache Station Road,” or even a “Gamache Cab Company.” Where IS the love?!?

Oh, well.

Certainly I feel a sense of pride being a Gamache, with its ties to the history of this city, my hometown. There was a Waylon Jennings song in the 1960s whose words I can adapt to reflect that pride. Jennings wrote it to tell Vietnam War protesters that he didn’t take lightly their condemnation of the USA for its activities at the time. I get my feathers ruffled when I hear people malign my hometown, and my adaptation of the song might go like this, “When you’re runnin’ down my (city), hoss, you’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me … .” I’ve lived other places, but I always roll back this way again.

The story about the assemblée du famille Gamache a St. Louis a demain and their ancestral role in founding the City of St. Louis appeared today in the St. Louis > Suburban Journals <.

Merci a votre attention et au revoir, mes amis!


Donna J Gamache
St. Louis, Missouri

[Go, Cardinals!]

Cardinals mascot, Fredbird

Cardinals mascot, Fredbird