Latest update on about the new monument in Calvary Cemetery to early St. Louisans, including Creole farmer and pioneer Jean Baptiste Gamache.

Gamache marker270june20The story today shows this monument with the caption,

“The Gamache family and the Archdiocese of St. Louis raised money to erect this monument to mark the resting place of honor the founding men and women of St. Louis, many of whom are unknown.”

I will add that, “Our branch of the Gamache family always knew the connection … .”

There’s literally not a week, almost never a day, that goes by where someone doesn’t ask me if I know another person with the last name Gamache, and adds that it’s “such an unusual name … .”  Well, not really, and it’s been in the St. Louis area since before there was a city of St. Louis.

In fact, there is another Donna Gamache in the area, whom you may know associated with e-Women’s Network. She and I are two different people, but the name-game has caused some confusion and laughs.

Not to put too fine a point on the multitude of local Gamaches, I will add that the family pioneer was not only a Creole, but also a Catholic, which the family is largely still today; so there are a lot of Gamaches in the area. My husband is the oldest of eight kids and part of a large extended family spread across St. Louis City, St. Louis County (north and south), and Jefferson County. That’s just one branch of the descendants of Jean Baptiste Gamache.

Oh, yeah: Here’s that link to the next installment to the story. > Looming over a mass grave, a new monument to early St. Louisans <