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I stopped in at the new, downtown location for >Left Bank Books<. Mark, kind and helpful, helped me find a book called Family, by Jeff Sharlet, which was the subject of NPR’s “Fresh Air” show today. The author was talking to host Terry Gross about the book, and the subject matter just alarmed me so badly that I went straight to the book store and bought a copy.

My camera wasn’t charged (I am so seldom prepared with my camera on hand and charged when I decide to snap things), but I had my cell phone. Doesn’t take the best quality photos, and I have a habit of not holding the phone until the picture is complete, so half my images are blurred. I do try, believe me. Here are some of the outside and inside of Left Bank Books at 321 North 10th Street, and smiling Mark. These may, in fact (now that I look at them in PhotoShop) be about technically the worst pictures I’ve ever taken. I must have been hungry and shaky. I have sharpened them as much as I can, and I will try and do better next time. (Sorry, Mark!)

I had planned to stop in at Left Bank Books today, anyway, as part of a lunch time outing that included a look at the new Citygarden that just opened to the public today.

My only complaint about Citygarden (ONLY complaint) is the way it’s spelled. Sheesh: Nobody’s going to get that right. Should be two words. I know running the two words together is clever, like spelling “Center” as “Centre,” but these things just cause confusion. Stick with the tried and true in formal, written communications. If people can’t spell it, i.e., if they aren’t sure how it’s spelled, and if they don’t want to spell it wrong (and some people do care about these things still), they won’t write about it. That’s a PR problem. Stick with the true and true in formal, written communications. This includes spelling. Okay: I’m getting dizzy on this soapbox; stepping off … .

So, lunch time was warm, breezy, and Citygarden was full of people. I took pictures on both blocks of the garden and tried to show some of the features, but you really need to make the trip to see it yourself.

There is a small, beautifully designed restaurant on the edge of park along Chestnut Street, just east of 10th. The restaurant is mostly glass, and part of the dining room cantilevers a few feet above Chestnut. It reminds me of an updated version of Forest Park’s Jewel Box, and that’s not to say it’s derivative in any way. This little building stands on its own.

It’s not open just yet, but it looks pretty close to being ready as of today (July 1, 2009.) It’s called Terrace View, it will serve lunch Monday through Saturday from 11-2, hosts happy hour from 2-6, dinner from 5 till “close,” but I’m not sure what “time” that is, and the best thing, which I’ve marked with a red arrow on the photo: No Smoking Environment! The exclamation point is mine.