blogging_job_search_toolI found a new resource today (via Twitter) that I will post here for those LAGGERS who are not yet using Twitter, themselves. (Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!)

job_searchHere is a link to >The Jobs Report<. What I especially like about this resource is that you don’t have to guess the job title that your perfect job might have; like on, you can spend valuable days, maybe weeks, if your job doesn’t fit a standard description like “accountant,” or “Web designer,” etc.

This resource allows you to do searches with key words that would be in your job description, and it returns with not only job descriptions, but job titles, companies, etc. you narrow it by zip code.

Hint: I always use 63105, which is Clayton, Missouri, which is central to our St. Louis region. It’s about 10 minutes to Clayton from St. Ann, and I’m willing to drive a reasonable distance from the Clayton-Olivette-St. Ann area for my work.

Try out this resource and let us know with a COMMENT (please!) how if you liked it, how it worked for you, etc.

Hey: I loooooove comments!

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