Earlier this year I wrote on this blog about $100,000 the AIA St. Louis set aside for as scholarship pool for local architects “displaced” by the ailing economy.  Some of you wrote to ask more about it, and I posted a link to the application form.

This post is an update on how some of that money was used. I first learned about the specific project in the story linked here from Kelly Dawson Duepner, a Facebook friend of mine, who is one of the architects who has benefitted from the AIA’s funds with a BIM project applied to the Bevo Mill (Bevo Mill Modeling Project.)

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a story on it last Friday (8/21/09) and, as Kelly puts it, “It’s gone viral on the Web.” Here’s a > link < to the story in the Post that was picked up by Architectural Record.

Nice job, Kelly!