American Arts Experience | St. Louis! Thursday, Sep 16 2010 

from the St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association’s
“Monday Memo,” 13 September 2010,

First Annual American Arts Experience-St. Louis Kicks Off Friday, October 1st: For 17 days and nights, beginning October 1st, the American Arts Experience – St. Louis will fill concert halls, museums, theaters, universities and outdoor spaces in the St. Louis area with dozens of performances and shows by renowned American artists and companies in disciplines ranging from symphonic music to jazz and singer-songwriters, theater by American playwrights and dance by American companies to major American visual artists.

Designed as a collaboration among the region’s cultural institutions, participants include the Saint Louis Art Museum; Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra; Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries; Repertory Theatre of St. Louis; Jazz at the Bistro; the Touhill Performing Arts Center; and many, many more.

The American Arts Experience – St. Louis will be an annual festival each October celebrating all mediums of American arts.

Click here for the Schedule & Other Information.


Job Opportunity! NO CALLS, PLEASE. Wednesday, Feb 10 2010 

Lawrence Group is currently seeking a marketing services coordinator to

join their team. Candidates should have a demonstrated ability to handle

multiple projects and meet tight deadlines. Responsibilities would include

production of marketing collateral for proposals, qualifications,

interviews, award submittals, etc. Excellent computer skills, including

Adobe CS, required. Bachelor’s degree, 1-3 years of related

experience preferred.

NO CALLS PLEASE!!!! Send resumes to michelle.yates at

Michelle is short staffed and requests that all contact be by e-mail.Thank you for your understanding.

I have no additional information—I am only the messenger!

Don’t miss the 2010 St. Louis Food & Wine Experience! Friday, Jan 15 2010 

Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used.
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
Othello, II. iii. (315)

I will be there, for sure:

I will be working the room to make contacts for a dream I have to work in the wine trade!


Eighth annual event presented to benefit The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. The link here goes to the Rep’s Web site with event information and ticket sales online.

Dates are January 30 & 31, 2010, at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel’s Khorassan Room.

General admission tickets are $45/day (in advance), which is in my budget range.

The full range of ticket options includes a one-day VIP reserve room admission is $95 (in advance); there is a premier tasting on Friday, January 29, at $250/person; finally, there is a grand cru patron admission for $1,000.

Designated drivers can get admission to the main floor and reserve room of the event for $25, which includes a valet wine plate, complimentary water, but no wine.

This is an over-21 event only!

How are you using your time away from the paid job? Friday, Oct 9 2009 

83304769 -0 I had envisioned more sharing of information on employment on this site by multitudes of people vs. me posting whatever I know–which often isn’t much. The multitude of contributors (or just sources of info) have not materialized, and I have found that when people are hit by furlough, pay cut, temporary lay off, or just plain let go by their employer, they are very self-protective about their situation, preferring to keep a low profile.

I guess because I’ve been through this before (two or three times, now), I get spooked by an economic downturn, but I know that if I keep my paddle in the water, I will get to another good spot, eventually.

I have heard from lots of people who have found new jobs. It’s actually very encouraging that so many have done so. They often ask me not to post about it, though. Rats!

I have another idea; always have another idea. This is something to which any reader can contribute, from anywhere in the world (are you listening, “world“?) and you don’t even have to give info about your paid work, or lack thereof to do it. Let us know what kinds of community service things you’re doing.

How are you giving/giving back? Lots of people do this even when they are working a 60 hr. week, but many of us have upped the amount of community service work we’re doing, if we’ve had our work week reduced or are between gigs, due to the economy.

200482268-001_muttI have been doing a lot of things. For example, I have been working with Alex, a colleague here at Lawrence Group, and Rebecca, the manager at the St. Louis Animal Care & Control Center, aka “the city pound,” on a pro bono project.

seal-border-white-shadowAlex created a logo, which they’d never had, and designed a Web site around the content that Rebecca and her staff and Alex and I suggested and developed. The new site is not up yet, and the current page is part of the St. Louis Health Department’s Web page. The Health Department is over the Animal Care & Control Center, and the ACC has been “hidden” in all the Health Department info.

The address for the new Web site will be announced soon and, meanwhile, you can get some info from the current site linked just above, or stop by or call them at

The City of St. Louis Animal Care & Control
2120 Gasconade Street, St. Louis, MO 63118
(314) 353-5838

88977946_left facing catHaving a beautifully branded and designed Web site will help get animals adopted at this out-of-the-way facility, as well as recruit volunteers and staff, when needed. There are photographers who are getting good pics of the adoptable animals now in anticipation of the new site going live.

I don’t have the photographer’s names at hand, but if you see this and have that info, please give them a shout-out, and a thank you from the animals! Also, thank Candice & Noreen for putting me onto this idea and keeping me energized with their own passionate support of animal welfare.

So, tell us: What are YOU doing … ?

Image Credits:
Getty Images

Social Media Revolution YouTube Video Sunday, Sep 13 2009 


In four minutes and 22 seconds, you can see what all the fuss is about—if you haven’t gotten on-board yet.

Very informative. Click on link. Couldn’t make it any easier for you.

Social Media Revolution

These are social media sites: What are you waiting for?

These are social media sites: What are you waiting for?

News About Town | St. Louis on the Moooove! Sunday, Sep 13 2009 

I’ve been doing some pro bono work, while I’m working my three-day work week during this, ummmm, recession.

st_louis_misouri_mo_arch_a_great_city_postage-p172651931138317707anr4u_400I have to give props to Alex, my co-worker at Lawrence Group, who is a graphic designer and my partner in crime on one of the pro bono projects. Alex has designed a logo for the St. Louis Animal Care & Control Center (aka, the city pound), and he has gotten as far as the landing page for a whole new Web site for the “ACC.” Alex has been working with the manager there (Becky Smail) and her staff to get this site designed, approved, up and running. The city really needed something much better to support the efforts of adopting out the animals. The ACC has a dedicated manager, as I’ve come to know her, a hard working staff, and caring volunteers who are most anxious to get this site live. If you have time, please get over to the facility on I-55 and Gasconade to help with walking the dogs and cuddling the cats. Otherwise they don’t get out of their cages, they become withdrawn, and then they are less likely to adopted.

landmarks_logoI am also working on the publicity committee for the 50th Anniversary Gala of the Landmarks Association of St. Louis. It’s November 7, 2009, and our committee kicked off the publicity effort last Friday with a cover on the Ladue News. I will be posting more about Landmarks Association of St. Louis, the gala, the new executive director Jeff Mansell, their new office and gallery space on Washington Avenue, and other things of interest. For now, though, please consider attending this event, which will be held at the Palladium in Lafayette Square. This will be the public’s first look at that new venue. You know you like to be first, right?

Galas are fun, and that’s one of the messages we want to get out to the design community: That even though we usually see the Landmarks people when they are protesting the tearing down of an historic building, they are also a great group of people, who are also very proactive, and who like to have a good time.

This could be a great networking event for anyone in the job market (hint, hint.)

SAVE THE DATE: November 7, 2009


WHERE? At THE PALLADIUM, 1400 Park Place, Lafayette Square

St. Louis Postage Stamp courtesy of

So, how is everyone doing these days? Tuesday, Aug 11 2009 

Has anyone’s work circumstances changed for the better? I haven’t heard from anyone for a while, so I don’t know if things are worse, better, or status quo. I’m still on a reduced work-week, myself. Let us hear from you.

Now HiringAs a thank-you-in-advance, I’m posting this > link < to a job fair that’s coming to St. Louis.

8-25-09 | 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Sheraton St. Louis City Center — Hotel and Suites | 400 South 14th Street

So if you are still looking for work, spruce up your resume, upload it and pre-register for this event.

PS — Follow on Twitter and Facebook. Uh, you do you have your accounts set on those by now, right?

The Jobs Report | Searchable by Key Word & Zip Code Saturday, Jul 4 2009 

blogging_job_search_toolI found a new resource today (via Twitter) that I will post here for those LAGGERS who are not yet using Twitter, themselves. (Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!)

job_searchHere is a link to >The Jobs Report<. What I especially like about this resource is that you don’t have to guess the job title that your perfect job might have; like on, you can spend valuable days, maybe weeks, if your job doesn’t fit a standard description like “accountant,” or “Web designer,” etc.

This resource allows you to do searches with key words that would be in your job description, and it returns with not only job descriptions, but job titles, companies, etc. you narrow it by zip code.

Hint: I always use 63105, which is Clayton, Missouri, which is central to our St. Louis region. It’s about 10 minutes to Clayton from St. Ann, and I’m willing to drive a reasonable distance from the Clayton-Olivette-St. Ann area for my work.

Try out this resource and let us know with a COMMENT (please!) how if you liked it, how it worked for you, etc.

Hey: I loooooove comments!

Image of blogger from the Web
Image of Jobs from via the Web

Project Architect | Construction Company [new] Friday, Jun 26 2009 

Just saw this on Twitter this morning from StLouis_Jobs. I posted this source some weeks ago, so I hope everyone made note, and if you are in the job market that you are signed up for Twitter and at least monitoring StLJobs Tweet stream.

StLouis_Jobs searches multiple sites and posts job openings to Twitter. Saves a lot of time by letting interested persons look in one place. Here’s the link to the >job listing< (which St_Louis_Jobs found on “Simply Hired) and a link to >StLouis_Jobs on Twitter< (Set up an account—what are you waiting for? It’s free! If you’re already on Facebook, you can monitor Twitter with a Facebook app right from your Facebook home page!)

Can you describe your own professional “brand”? Wednesday, Jun 3 2009 

company inc_slogan starts herepepsi2We’re not products, we’re people. But brand is image, and both products and people have images. An image can just happen, haphazardly, or it can be carefully created, developed and managed. In terms of our careers, we would be wise to carefully create, develop and manage our professional brand.

Lexus roadster

2008 Lexus roadster concept car

Branding is reputation and the creation of perception about a product, or a service, or a company—or a person’s career—is based on that reputation. Think about your own professional brand. What perception are you working to create? What reputation are you developing? What “tags” or “adjectives” would someone likely attach to your professional brand to describe those things?

1980 Toyota Corolla

1980 Toyota Corolla

The most successful brands are visually distinctive from other brands in their class. What is visually distinctive about you and about the appearance of your marketing materials, i.e., your resume and samples of work you show in an interview?

company-brand-imageThe most successful brands are consistent in their presentation and delivery. How would you evaluate yourself on these aspects of your professional brand? These are the things that create first impressions, leave lasting impressions and make you competitive—or not.

The higher marks you can give yourself on these important elements of your brand, the stronger you will come across in an interview (for a job or for business development, if you’re a company “rainmaker.”)

Most aspects of a product brand can be generalized to a personal/ professional brand. I found an interesting Web site today called >The BrandBuilder<. Check it out, and see if you can come up with some other ideas from the author to create, develop and manage your own brand.

Share your ideas here, and if you know of another site that would be helpful in building a stronger brand, let us know!

Company Inc. graphic from The Marketess | A Crash Course in Branding via the Web

Chess piece graphic from via the Web

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