Me, in Beijing

Me, inside the entrance to the Forbidden City, in Beijing

I have one other blog right now.

It’s an inter-cultural US-China blog that promotes awareness, respect and business between the two countries. In particular, I update information about what we are calling The Big Idea.

It is a plan by the People’s Republic of China that would create an air-cargo & trade hub for the central USA in St. Louis, Missouri.

The blog is > St. Louis Chinese Corner < linked here.

Outside the entrance to the Forbidden City

Outside the entrance to the Forbidden City

This is a photo of me at the entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing one cold evening a few years ago. Above the archway, on the outside, is the iconic picture of Chairman Mao Zedong that I have seen in magazines and on the news my whole life.

China is full of those incredible moments of recognition.

I named my blog after the “English Corner” tradition in China, where people gather informally to practice their language skills together. I am part of an international business venture for a company in St. Louis, Mo., doing business in China. I speak passable “Mandarin” Chinese language. My focus is higher proficiency in putonghua (Mandarin) and making contacts for international marketing in China.

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