Mark Zweig’s blog added to my blogroll Wednesday, Apr 29 2009 

Mark Zweig

Mark Zweig

If you work in building design & construction, or related fields, you almost surely know the name ZweigWhite as the industry expert. Native St. Louisan Mark Zweig founded Mark Zweig & Associates in 1988 in Nantick, Massachusetts, and it later became ZweigWhite, twice listed on the Inc 500 management consulting and publishing firms for architects.

Mark is a Kirkwood High graduate (I know the locals here will want to know that tidbit of info!)

Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas

Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas

He retired from active duty in ZweigWhite in 2004, and he started Mark Zweig, Inc., in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where he is doing real estate and speculative renovation projects. If you go down there, don’t make a fool of yourself and mispronounce the city name—listen to how the hometowners say it, and my guess is that it’s “FA-ut-vull,” like BARE-a-vull (Berryville) and PARE-a-vull (Perryville.) I actually know someone from BARE-a-vull, and I’ve even been there!

Mark is just getting his blog off the ground, and I know he would appreciate your visit and comments. He has always been accessible when I’ve had a question, and I’m glad he’s moved his design-based business abilities closer to St. Louis. I look forward to reading his blog (pressure’s on Mark! LOL)

Tell him you found out about his new ventures here.  Thanks!

PS  Here is a link to > ZweigWhite’s Web site <  and Mark’s bio, FYI.


Paul Finch’s “Letter from London” covers architectural issues Monday, Apr 27 2009 

world-architecture-festival-2009-logo1I received this in an e-mail last Friday from Paul Finch, OBE, Programme Director, World Architecture Festival:

Dear Ms. Gamache,

Today, I am launching my new blog service for the international architectural community, ‘Letter from London’. It covers all architectural issues, from the inspirational to the practical to the contentious and I look forward to your thoughts, comments and opinions.

The blog mirrors the in aiming to satisfy a pressing industry need for a global, inclusive, interactive, meeting point. In this spirit I hope it becomes a place where architects worldwide feel happy to discuss and debate the most important and interesting international developments in the profession.

Visit my blog and comment on today’s architectural issues.

Editor’s note: I have blogrolled, and if you can find the link in my sidebar here. Paul Finch has blogrolled this one on his, in return. It’s called “showing love.” I’m pretty excited about being on that blogroll, especially for the architects reading here. Good connection!

AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund is allocating funds to be made available to unemployed/ underemployed architects and interns on their pathway to licensure. Thursday, Mar 26 2009 

I received this e-mail today, and I will forward additional information as I get it (looks like there will be a follow up e-mail with more detail tomorrow.)

****  Pass the word to your friends who are architects and architectural interns.  ****

From: Michelle Swatek []
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 12:36 PM
Subject: AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund Assistance Announcement
Importance: High

Last week, the trustees of the AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund met. The state of the economy and its devastating effect on our industry and profession was one of our topics.

We know that the number of unemployed and under-employed architects and interns continues to grow. Many firms face extinction as more and more construction projects are placed on hold.

To assist our profession during these uncertain days, the AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund is allocating funds to be made available to unemployed/underemployed architects and interns on their pathway to licensure. The funds will be processed through the AIA St. Louis office as interest-free loans, to be paid back when full time employment returns, and then on a mutually agreeable and in a reasonable time frame. These are unique times, and we are undertaking a unique way to support the St. Louis architectural community.

The funds may be borrowed for ARE testing and preparation, LEED certification testing and preparation, or for computer classes for Revit, BIM or programs that will make you a better architect or intern when you return to work. We will also consider applications for other professional growth and development opportunities.

We know that there are impending deadlines such as the LEED testing deadline and the 3.1 ARE. To meet those deadlines, information on loan application will be in tomorrow’s missive. We want the funds to be available immediately for these deadlines.

The AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund is able to undertake this unique stimulus program because of the generosity of its donors and the ongoing support it receives. We therefore, must express our gratitude to the founders and trustees of the Fund for developing and growing the fund to allow us to continue to invest in our profession.

Again, please watch tomorrow’s missive to learn details of this support.

Bob Winters, AIA
AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund

David B. Stone, AIA
AIASTL President