Urbanism and the New Economy blog Thursday, Jun 25 2009 

A colleague of mine at Lawrence Group’s office in North Carolina is blogging on >Urbanism and the New Economy: Resources and Ideas for Sustainable Communities in the 21st Century.<

I’m linking it here, but also blogrolling it.

I don’t see a Feedblitz subscription option on the site yet, but it’s new. I suggested it to him today, and hopefully he will add that soon.

If you’re interested at all in sustainability, urban planning, city planning, town planning, architecture, quality of life or any related issues, this promises to be good and informative reading. The current post is titled “How do we re-center our suburbs?”

Craig S. Lewis, AICP, CNU

Craig S. Lewis, AICP, CNU

The colleague mentioned is Craig S. Lewis, AICP, CNU. He is managing principal of Lawrence Group’s Carolinas office and professionally affiliated with

o American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), 1999
o Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)
o Urban Land Institute
o American Planning Association–New Urbanism Division Executive Committee


Mark Zweig’s blog added to my blogroll Wednesday, Apr 29 2009 

Mark Zweig

Mark Zweig

If you work in building design & construction, or related fields, you almost surely know the name ZweigWhite as the industry expert. Native St. Louisan Mark Zweig founded Mark Zweig & Associates in 1988 in Nantick, Massachusetts, and it later became ZweigWhite, twice listed on the Inc 500 management consulting and publishing firms for architects.

Mark is a Kirkwood High graduate (I know the locals here will want to know that tidbit of info!)

Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas

Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas

He retired from active duty in ZweigWhite in 2004, and he started Mark Zweig, Inc., in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where he is doing real estate and speculative renovation projects. If you go down there, don’t make a fool of yourself and mispronounce the city name—listen to how the hometowners say it, and my guess is that it’s “FA-ut-vull,” like BARE-a-vull (Berryville) and PARE-a-vull (Perryville.) I actually know someone from BARE-a-vull, and I’ve even been there!

Mark is just getting his blog off the ground, and I know he would appreciate your visit and comments. He has always been accessible when I’ve had a question, and I’m glad he’s moved his design-based business abilities closer to St. Louis. I look forward to reading his blog (pressure’s on Mark! LOL)

Tell him you found out about his new ventures here.  Thanks!

PS  Here is a link to > ZweigWhite’s Web site <  and Mark’s bio, FYI.

Paul Finch’s “Letter from London” covers architectural issues Monday, Apr 27 2009 

world-architecture-festival-2009-logo1I received this in an e-mail last Friday from Paul Finch, OBE, Programme Director, World Architecture Festival:

Dear Ms. Gamache,

Today, I am launching my new blog service for the international architectural community, ‘Letter from London’. It covers all architectural issues, from the inspirational to the practical to the contentious and I look forward to your thoughts, comments and opinions.

The blog mirrors the in aiming to satisfy a pressing industry need for a global, inclusive, interactive, meeting point. In this spirit I hope it becomes a place where architects worldwide feel happy to discuss and debate the most important and interesting international developments in the profession.

Visit my blog and comment on today’s architectural issues.

Editor’s note: I have blogrolled PaulFinchBlog.com, and if you can find the link in my sidebar here. Paul Finch has blogrolled this one on his, in return. It’s called “showing love.” I’m pretty excited about being on that blogroll, especially for the architects reading here. Good connection!

Sullivan Kreiss, Industry Executive Search Firm Tuesday, Mar 3 2009 




I’ve been getting their newsletter by e-mail for several years, and recently they added a blog.

The site includes job listings, industry news and lots of good stuff.  This is a very credible resource, so please check it out. You never know where your next lead or contact will come from.

Also, check for them on LinkedIn. Here is a > link < to their Web site.