Spotlight on Dory Hollander: workplace psychologist, executive and career coach, consultant and facilitator Sunday, Jun 21 2009 

My favorite part of having this blog is being able to introduce people who are great resources for the readers here. I want to tell you about one such resource right in St. Louis, Missouri: Dory Hollander, Ph.D.

Dory Hollander

Dory Hollander

My knowledge of Dory is first-hand: Dory is a workplace psychologist, executive and career coach, consultant and facilitator with whom I’ve worked extensively for the past six or seven years. She helped me identify the things about which I’m passionate, incorporate those into my career plan, find my voice and modes of expression, bring meaning and purpose to my work.

None of this is in her official bio, but it comes from my heart. She is a good listener and an accurate diagnostician. Her experience with individuals and organizations in the U.S., Canada and Europe has given her a depth of insight and a wide range of strategies and tactics for anyone’s situation. I signed on for her guidance as a new client after one 15-minute phone conversation.

CommunicationMany of us right now are looking for new options, and one of Dory’s specialties is working with people who are at what she calls “choice points” in their work-lives. If you are one of those people, I can recommend without reservation a call to Dory with a few of your bullet point issues to see what she has to say. If there is a fit, you will know it, just like I did.

iStock_000001552122XSmallBesides the personal, one-on-one coaching that she’s done with me, Dory also has an extensive resume that includes working with companies. This combination of her ability to work with individuals plus  her experience and knowledge from working with many different types of organizations gives her an important differentiator over other career and executive coaches. She understands the individual’s need to find meaningful work and excel at it, and she understands the environments in which they are often challenged to do that successfully. So, if you’re fairly happy with your situation but think the company you work for (or own) could use an outside perspective and expert guidance to get to the next level, a meeting and presentation by Dory is an appropriate starting point.

iStock_000007459290XSmallDory is a nationally recognized expert who has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, USA Today Online, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Boston Globe, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Business 2.0, Money Magazine, CNN/Money, Prevention, Conde Nast Portfolio, Men’s Health, Working Mother, and Forbes. She’s appeared on local and national radio and television programs including CCN’s American Morning, CNN/FN, Good Morning, America, 20/20 and NPR’s Market Place, plus the Today Show.

In her “spare time,” she’s also authored two books and raised two children to be successful, high-achieving, happy adults.

Your career clock is ticking!

Your career clock is ticking!

She’s easy to reach and very responsive, if you’re thinking about your own “choice points” (and if not now, when?)

WiseWorkplaces and New Options, Inc

314.862.2979 (St. Louis office)
703.627.3718 (cell)
703.465.5208 (voicemail)

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Spotlight on Claire Keeling | Sort It Out, Inc.® Thursday, Mar 12 2009 


Right now many of us are looking for work, going back to school and other intensive activities that require a great deal of commitment and organization. I have some good news if you’re looking for some practical help with all that. Consultant Claire Keeling is going to share some of her Sort It Out Tips on this blog. 

Claire Keeling, if you don’t know that name, is an expert on getting organized and developing productive habits to clairebiopicture1help us move ahead on career and personal goals. If you don’t know her name, you probably really need these tips!

Here are the first of Claire’s Sort It Out Tips that she has put together for us (and you can find information about her company and more Tips at this > LINK < to her Website.)


3 Sort It Out Tips on Managing Your Time During a Job Search


If you are one of the many people who have lost their jobs during this economic downturn, you may find yourself with more time on your hands than you’re used to. It’s easy to find yourself at the end of the day wondering where the day went.


Here are 3 tips to managing your time during your job search.


Tip # 1: Make a plan. It sounds pie in the sky, but we tend to waste time when we don’t have directions, so taking the time to sit down and decide the 5 W’s is crucial. Which companies are you targeting today, tomorrow, this week? Who do you need to reach out to for networking events? What do you need to do to get ready for interviews, networking, etc? When will you network, market yourself, research information? Where do you need to look for resources, websites, etc? How will you break down the items on your task list?


Tip # 2: Make a list of your time wasters. We all have unconscious activities that we find ourselves doing when we don’t know what else to do. Having more time on your hands may mean more time to waste on things like Facebook, You Tube, etc. The action of making a list will bring these items to your consciousness and make you aware of your own habits. Allow time for these things during the day, but recognize that you won’t get much accomplished if you waste your day doing these activities.


Tip # 3: Develop a system. The information received during the job process can be very detailed and have many threads to emails and notes from specific prospects. Taking the time to develop a system to keep this information organized is vital. How are you keeping track of notes you take during phone calls, in person meetings, emails, etc? Having a lot of loose notes in piles will only lend to your growing frustration and encourage feelings of overwhelm. Think about the job search as a part-time job and organize yourself accordingly. The key to success in this area is having one system for capturing all of your information and maintaining consistency with that system.


 # # #


** The BackStory **

I met Claire at Sqwires Restaurant last year, when we were guest presenters at a Best Practices Roundtable hosted by the local chapter of Society Marketing Professional Services (SMPS.)

Claire’s presentation was on organization. According to her Website, she founded her business, Sort It Out, Inc. in 2004 in response to a growing demand for organization and efficiency expertise in the corporate world.

“Some people are born with an ability to maintain order and categorize and prioritize their tasks. It is my goal to fill a gap in people’s professional tool kit and provide training and coaching to support people as they learn how to maximize how they use their time, energy, and money”, quotes Keeling.

She is certified in both the Clear & SIMPLE and FreedomFiler systems. Her community efforts include involvement in the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and the American Club Association. Claire has been featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Suburban Journal. She has been interviewed on the three St. Louis morning television news shows, Channel 2, 4 and 5, as well as KMOX radio and appears monthly on Great Day St. Louis.