AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund is allocating funds to be made available to unemployed/ underemployed architects and interns on their pathway to licensure. Thursday, Mar 26 2009 

I received this e-mail today, and I will forward additional information as I get it (looks like there will be a follow up e-mail with more detail tomorrow.)

****  Pass the word to your friends who are architects and architectural interns.  ****

From: Michelle Swatek []
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 12:36 PM
Subject: AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund Assistance Announcement
Importance: High

Last week, the trustees of the AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund met. The state of the economy and its devastating effect on our industry and profession was one of our topics.

We know that the number of unemployed and under-employed architects and interns continues to grow. Many firms face extinction as more and more construction projects are placed on hold.

To assist our profession during these uncertain days, the AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund is allocating funds to be made available to unemployed/underemployed architects and interns on their pathway to licensure. The funds will be processed through the AIA St. Louis office as interest-free loans, to be paid back when full time employment returns, and then on a mutually agreeable and in a reasonable time frame. These are unique times, and we are undertaking a unique way to support the St. Louis architectural community.

The funds may be borrowed for ARE testing and preparation, LEED certification testing and preparation, or for computer classes for Revit, BIM or programs that will make you a better architect or intern when you return to work. We will also consider applications for other professional growth and development opportunities.

We know that there are impending deadlines such as the LEED testing deadline and the 3.1 ARE. To meet those deadlines, information on loan application will be in tomorrow’s missive. We want the funds to be available immediately for these deadlines.

The AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund is able to undertake this unique stimulus program because of the generosity of its donors and the ongoing support it receives. We therefore, must express our gratitude to the founders and trustees of the Fund for developing and growing the fund to allow us to continue to invest in our profession.

Again, please watch tomorrow’s missive to learn details of this support.

Bob Winters, AIA
AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund

David B. Stone, AIA
AIASTL President


Welcome! Saturday, Feb 28 2009 

The St. Louis design community is large enough to be interesting, yet small enough that I’ve run into a lot of the same colleagues at different job throughout my career. People come, and people go, no matter how great the company, or how hot the economy.

Life is change.

istock_000000291004xsmall  Sometimes things look better from a different perspective.

Right now, obviously, the economy is causing unwelcome changes in employment circumstances for many in the St. Louis design community, and I have set up this Web site as a resource particularly for those who are “between gigs.”

It’s open to anyone in the St. Louis design community as a way to reconnect with colleagues and swap personal stories, but especially to offer support to those between jobs, share job searching and networking tips and opportunities, share job leads and report successes.

This blog is not the place to be ugly, angry, rant, etc. I won’t approve any posts for public viewing that are not respectful of the purpose here, or that violate the rules.


No bashing current or past employers. This includes sarcastic or bitter posts.

No rumor mongering (exchange rumors by private e-mail, please.)

No bashing St. Louis.

No snark, please—it’s just not helpful. Snark is a form of sarcasm. If you’re not sure what snark is here is a link to a great conversation on it.

Otherwise, blog away, and tell your friends.

I’ve set up an AddThis social networking button in the sidebar, as well as FeedBlitz as a subscription service, if you want to receive updates when new information is posted.